web design for cosmetic surgeons

"As a child I never uttered the words "I want to grow up to be a Search Engine Optimization Specialist who designs web sites for plastic surgeons" but here I am enjoying every minute of it. I love what I do and wouldn't trade jobs with any astronaut, fireman or cowboy!"

- Nick Engebretson, Founder NSE Media

NSE Media Medical Marketing

NSE Media is a highly specialized web design and search engine optimization company developing effective web site strategies for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and other medical professionals.

NSE Media was founded in January of 2003 in the small lake community of Breezy Point, Minnesota. NSE Media has come a long ways since it's inception and has designed, built, and maintained some of the most successful search engine marketing campaigns known to the plastic surgery industry.

Our Roots

NSE Media was built from the ground up with a solid foundation comprised of expert search engine optimization, compelling web design and professional copywriting experience. NSE Media has grown into a well respected plastic surgery marketing company that continues to produce excellent results for plastic surgeons from coast to coast. The fact is, if a plastic or cosmetic surgeon needs the help of an established and even more effective web development company, NSE Media is the answer.

A Good Fit

NSE Media is a smaller company by design and our clients are all the better for it. At NSE Media you will never battle an automated voice nor be transferred several times to reach your point of contact. To this day the founder of the company still handles almost every account personally to be sure things are done the right way.

All in all we're just good 'ole hard working Northern Minnesota folks doing good business the old fashioned way in what continues to be a cutting edge industry.