web design for cosmetic surgeons

"It's been amazing to see how search behavior has evolved with respect to plastic surgery over the years. Plastic surgery inquiries are becoming more and more specific and it has everything to do with relevancy of the results returned by the search engines."

- Nick Engebretson, Founder of NSE Media

Keyword Selection For Cosmetic Surgeons

Are you positioned respectfully in the search engines but have little or no response from your visitors?

Your positions in search engines are only as strong as the keywords you are positioned for. It's important that you focus your efforts on keywords that represent quality visitation and ultimately result in new patient consultations.

The Keyword Draft

Everyone is thirsty for the "Big One" but what keyword or keyword phrase should you consider to be the "Big One"? The truth is your success should come from a variety of keyword phrases that are regionally specific to the location of your practice. You should be focusing two things: the first is the location of your practice and the second is the procedures and services offered by yourself and your practice.

Keyword Example:

Below is a list of keyword phrases that San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon that specializes in liposuction should be focusing on:

  • San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon
  • San Diego Cosmetic Surgery
  • San Diego liposuction
  • San Diego Smartlipo

Ask for an analysis of the keywords being used in your current search engine optimization campaign by scheduling a consultation.