web design for cosmetic surgeons

"Multimedia design is a blast! NSE Media has been very fortunate to make strategic partnerships with some very talented multimedia design experts who have created some of the most elaborate video and flash productions I've ever seen. I always get excited when a client takes interest in producing a new video or flash project!"

- Nick Engebretson, Designer & Owner

Plastic Surgery Multimedia Design

A well planned and tastefully executed multimedia design will provide you with a noticeable advantage over competing plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

There are a lot of interesting ways to incorporate multimedia design into a plastic surgery web design. If you take the time to look at some of the more recent web sites being built for plastic surgeons these days you'll find it increasingly popular for plastic surgeons to offer video libraries.

Introducing Video

It's fairly standard for a plastic surgeon to provide detailed descriptions about their practice, qualifications and procedures offered but it's typically provided in plain, static text. Static text has been and always will be fantastic for search engine optimization but these days it's a good idea to give your visitors the option of using a video library.
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Flash Design

If you've taken any interest in SEO over the years you've surely heard an argument or two against the use of flash in your website but is flash really that detrimental to your search engine optimization efforts? The answer is yes and no.
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