web design for cosmetic surgeons

"Working at NSE Media has been a lot like being the new "good boyfriend", it seems like a lot of our clients have been mistreated by other web developers and SEO vendors so we're assigned the delicate task of picking up the pieces and putting our clients back together the right way. I guess in a sense you could consider us reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons."

- Ryan Swart - SEO Specialist

Organic Search Engine Optimization For Plastic Surgeons

There are absolutely no tricks for shortcuts when it comes to an "organic" search engine optimization campaign.

When it comes to organic search engine optimization for plastic and cosmetic surgeons NSE Media stands on top of the heap. We have over seven and a half years of experience with developing and maintaining some of the most successful search engine optimization campaigns known within the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry.

Wrong Vs. Right

Over the years we have seen all of the under handed, quick fix and spam swollen techniques used in the business and they've done nothing but harm search engine positioning. The fact of the matter is you have to follow the guild lines set forth by the search engines for you will find yourself in deep and very dark hole.

The search engines want to provide an honest, useful and relevant list of result to their users. The only way to meet search engine guidelines is build a honest, useful and relevant web site that is thoughtfully design, developed and marketed.

Google's Webmaster Guidlines

Google doesn't like a sneaky web site or a web site with a lot of duplicate content. Google has provided their webmaster guidlines for public review.
Learn more about Google's Webmaster Guidlines...

Yahoo Content Quality Guidlines

Yahoo promotes accuracy and diversity within their search criteria as well as accurate use of meta data in the title and description of your site.
Learn more about Yahoo's Content Guidlines...

MSN Successful Indexing Guidlines

MSN has provided a number of technical guidlines and content guidlines for webmasters to follow while attempting to index a web site successfully.
Learn more about MSN's Successful Indexing Guidlines...

NSE Media Guidlines

We can't say it much better than the search engines themselves so we follow the guildlines set by the search engines in the above list. It's our job to bring your website inline with those guidlines and be your partner in producing a useful, unique and relevant source for plastic surgery information on the search engines.