web design for cosmetic surgeons

"When I first started working with plastic surgeons to expand their exposure into the "PPC" positions it was a bit expensive and difficult to track but these days paid placement has become an important piece of the puzzle for nearly every search engine marketing campaign we manage."

- Nick Engebretson, Designer & Owner

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management For Plastic Surgeons

Whether you hire NSE Media to manage your pay per click campaign or you manage your PPC campaigns on your own be sure to educate yourself.

PPC (pay per click) campaigns can prove to be quite effective so long as they are managed properly. A successful PPC campaign starts with an educated keyword selection process so that you can maximize the return on your investment.

Keyword Specificity

If your keywords are too generic you'll find your bank account can disintegrate very quickly but on the flip side if you are too specific you may find yourself in the doldrums all together.

For example:
The keyword "plastic surgery" is far too generic for any one plastic surgeon just as "Upper East Side Otoplasty Facial Plastic Surgeon" might be nearing the realm of too specific. In this case a more appropriate keyword might be the "New York Facial Plastic Surgeon" or "Ear Surgeon New York".

Setting a Budget

Don't set it and forget it unless you're cooking with one of those rotisserie oven's that will allow you to get a way with such crazy behavior! When starting a PPC campaign you should set a smaller budget and track your results on a daily basis and adjust your budget based on performance. If you're too busy to keep a close eye on your PPC campaign performance you should certainly consider hiring a company like NSE Media to manage it for you.

Know the Differences

Many "SEO" companies are simply purchasing positions and marking up the price to the client. Make sure your SEO vendor provides you with a detailed outline of all tasks performed on a monthly basis along with detailed position reporting.

A Final Thought

All in all you shouldn't be scared of PPC campaigns but you should take the time to understand how they work so you can be sure they're working efficiently. We are always happy to discuss strategy with our visitors so feel free to contact us with your questions about pay per click (PPC) management.