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"I'm not going to lie, I absolutely love reading new testimonials from our clients! It feels like bringing home a flawless report card to a proud mother so mom this one's for you!"

- Nick Engebretson, Founder NSE Media

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, web developers and other respected business owners.

"In the twelve years that I've had a presence on the internet I've worked with four separate marketing firms to design, upgrade and promote my cosmetic surgery website. Without question, the last one, NSE Media, has set a new standard, out performing all previous plastic surgery marketing companies by a wide margin. Its founder and director, Nick Engebretson has given me extraordinary personal attention, had his staff beautifully redesign my website, and his subsequent search engine optimization has exceeded my most optimistic expectation. My markedly improved website presence has dramatically improved my practice, thanks to Nick's exceptional work."

Dr. Gary Friedman
Plastic Surgeon, San Francisco

"Since working with NSE Media we have over tripled our response on the web in just the last year! The people at NSE are very quick with their results and respond to our needs in a timely fashion. With the direction of NSE Media we look forward to continued success and expanding our presence on the internet. I would recommend NSE Media to anyone looking to jump start their internet identity!"

Kristina Schuff
Office Manager - New Image Cosmetic Surgery

"My practice needed some good direction both on the web and otherwise and I was fortunate enough to be referred to Nick Engebretson of NSE Media. Nick took the time to understand the needs of my practice and helped to identify my best opportunity to make a noticeable impact in what is one the most competitive markets in the world! Nick worked closely with me to create my new Beverly Hills Buttlift site and it alone has more than doubled my entire response on the web! I'm very excited for the redesign of my main site in early 2009!"

Dr. David Saadat
Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute

"Every time I get to work on a site with Nick I am amazed at what he can do. He has a real gift to catch the visitor's eye. Clean, crisp and attractive designs. The best thing is not only can he design, but he knows how to get visitors to the site too."

Joel Dahlin
Web Programmer, Dahlin Development