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At NSE Media our past and our personality are every bit as important as the talented professionals who’ve helped this plastic surgery marketing company to become a great success for over fifteen years and counting. To this day plastic and cosmetic surgeons continue to claim the majority of our portfolio but we have made room for medical spas and other professionals.

How Our Surgical Niche Was Born

NSE Media was founded by Nick Engebretson in 2001, when he was contracted by an up and coming search engine optimization (SEO) company in Park City, Utah. It didn’t take long before Nick figured out there was a great opportunity in marketing plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and so a niche was born.

“I would like to give special thanks to Dave Lavine for keeping on me to give the SEO world a try. Also, a tip of the cap to Dave and Pete Knight for providing me with an education that came with a paycheck and a few days snowed in at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon.” – Nick Engebretson

Working as a young contractor in Park City certainly came with some perks, and success came quickly with plastic surgeons such as Dr. Grant Stevens, founder of Marina Plastic Surgery and our first client. Dr. Stevens and several other plastic surgeons put their trust in NSE Media well after moving headquarters from the Wasatch Mountains to the beautiful Brainerd Lakes Area of central Minnesota.

The Fork in the Road

With a Chevy Trailblazer packed with the contents of a one bedroom apartment and a new copy of Tim McGraw’s 2001 release Set This Circus Down on repeat, NSE Media was headed for a new home. Nick was headed straight for Chicago to meet with a few plastic surgeons and look for office space but the route was altered to drop in and surprise his family in Breezy Point, MN. After a few rounds of golf on the track (golf course) he grew up on and the perfect house for sale just off the seventh tee box, his fate was sealed with a sold sign.

The moment Nick landed in Breezy Point, the foundation was poured by hiring on one of the best search engine optimization (SEO) strategist in the entire industry and with a much bigger piece of the pie in hand, NSE Media was going to be able to benefit their clients a great deal more. The plastic surgeons who signed on with NSE Media, and followed Nick in his new venture, started seeing a noticeable trend in the right direction.

Now more than fifteen years later NSE Media is recognized as one of the best medical marketing companies in the industry, specializing in plastic surgery website design and search engine optimization for cosmetic surgeons, medical spas, and other medical professionals.

Continuing to Innovate

To this day we still push ourselves to stay at the top of our trade just as much as the day NSE Media was founded. In fact, now that we’ve gone live with a new website of our own the entire team is in the lab working hard to make sure NSE Media provides the best possible user experience. If you’re a plastic surgeon who’s new to NSE Media it’s our hope that you’ll learn something new one every page in this website. It can be very easy to spend most of your time looking through our portfolio of one of a kind plastic surgery website designs but we urge you to check out the Learning Center for Cosmetic Surgeons or watch actual client video testimonials.

If you ready to feel what it’s like to be truly taken care of by professionals then get in touch with us. NSE Media is a very personable company so while we love receiving e-mails from prospective clients you’re experience doesn’t really begin until you call and ask for Nick Engebretson – the founder of NSE Media and still the Head of Creative. We look forward to hearing all about the needs of your practice and introducing you to the NSE Media Team.

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