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Many NSE Media clients come to us either already possessing or desiring the creation of one or more specialty website meant to spotlight a specific cosmetic surgery procedure or category of procedures. Most of the time, a specialty website is designed and developed with the intention of educating users while also framing the plastic surgeon as an authority on the subject. However, many of these specialty websites are the remanence of “old-hat” SEO strategies. NSE Media has become an authority on the revision and creation of such websites so they can become assets rather than liabilities.

Modern Specialty Website Strategies for Plastic Surgeons

When a cosmetic surgery procedure you offer exists too far outside of your brand—or, perhaps, is a significant highlight of your brand—it might be useful to develop a microsite or specialty site to augment your overall marketing strategy. That said, a microsite (or specialty site) is not going to be appropriate for all instances.

For some, specialty sites and plastic surgery microsites are synonymous with the old days of Search Engine Optimization. There was a time, not all that long ago, when SEO companies would prop up a microsite for any competitive keyword you wanted to rank well for. It was a way of boosting relevancy.

Fortunately, such tactics are no longer used as an end-run around good SEO strategy. However, specialty sites and microsites might have a place in your plastic surgery marketing campaign (and they come with several concrete benefits).

Designing Microsites

The design team at NSE Media knows how important microsites can be to your campaign and to your overall brand. But it’s important to note that microsites are only the right strategy when they make sense. For many clients, augmenting the design or SEO of their primary website will be both more economic and more efficient.

That said, microsites are often a potent strategy when they’re called for. And in those cases, NSE Media has experience and expertise in designing those microsites to maximize potential.

A Challenging Niche

Microsites in and of themselves represent a challenging niche. That’s because microsites need to be wonderful and spectacular on their own, but without drawing attention away from the main site. After all, you don’t want to end up competing against yourself!

How to Succeed With a Microsite

There are a couple of ways that we approach this unique design challenge at NSE Media. Our experience with client microsites for medspas and cosmetic surgeons has taught us several lessons:

  • Each and every microsite should have its own brand—but that brand should work in conjunction with a client’s primary branding
  • Microsites should be incredibly focused. For example, we’ve created microsites for plastic surgeons who focus those sites on one single procedure that they perform
  • Any design for microsites should take advantage of existing branding, but expand beyond that branding
  • Microsites should be incredibly focused in order to avoid competing with a client’s primary website

It’s also important that microsites exemplify the latest trends and innovations in website design. In other words, your microsite will need to function, perform, and look like it’s on the cutting edge. At NSE Media, we use all of our website design experience, expertise, and tools in order to deliver a modern, smooth, fulfilling encounter.

Why Do You Need a Microsite?

In many ways, a microsite (or specialty site) needs to function as a complete plastic or cosmetic surgery website. It needs its own special design, its own identity, and its own SEO campaign. But there are definitely advantages to investing in building out and operating a specialty site.

Some of those advantages include:

  • Microsites can emphasize a special procedure or service that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the rest of your branding
  • Specialty sites can call out and highlight a prominent service or procedure that you’re very proud of
  • You can devote a significant amount of resources to answering all questions about one specific service or procedure in a depth that is harder to achieve on broader, global websites
  • You can reach a more specific audience with a microsite—and often that audience is a richer lead environment because they’re more interested in whatever specialty you’re offering.

The general rule of thumb is that a microsite or specialty site should make sense on its own merits. That is, one should not pursue a microsite for SEO purposes only. Instead, a microsite should have a legitimate mission—and fulfilling that mission will help your microsite (and, therefore, your primary brand) succeed.

Helping You Launch Your Microsite

At NSE Media, we have a significant amount of experience designing microsites and specialty websites. We can help clients navigate the common pitfalls of what can be a delicate but potent addition to your internet marketing strategy. Microsites can help you reach a richer audience and foster broad success. That’s true whether you’re a plastic surgeon looking for a microsite or a big brand looking to emphasize a specialty.

We Can Help You Succeed with Microsites

The effort and time we put into designing these microsites for plastic and cosmetic surgeons pays off in the long run because your specialty website will stand the test of time. A strong, modern design can help your microsite stand on a good foundation—fostering success in other arenas of your web marketing campaign.

Contact NSE Media to find out more about how a microsite can help you emphasize your strengths and improve your brand.

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