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a woman looks at an ipad and thinks about plastic surgery website design inspiration

Finding just the right plastic surgery website design inspiration for your practice can be quite a challenge. That’s because plastic surgery is unlike many other medical specialties in that websites must strike a critical balance between medical prestige and aesthetic elegance. And that’s a tough equation to get right. Challenging Design Expectations In part, that’s […]

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coping with google's medic update

If you’re an SEO, you keep a close eye on all of Google’s algorithm updates. But if you work in the medical, health, or beauty industry, this latest algorithm update was a doozy. According to the data that we and many other search engine experts and observers have collected, Google’s latest algorithm, nicknamed the “Medic” […]

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If you’re a plastic surgeon, you probably use before and after images in some capacity on your website. But the question is, are you using before and after images the right way? These days, it’s more important than ever to leverage every marketing advantage you have. That’s especially true in a digital space, where attention […]

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Plastic surgeons are on Snapchat and it’s all over the news. But there are a few reasons why plastic surgeons need to be careful on social media these days. Once the wild west of marketing, social media app such as Snapchat and Instagram are now finding themselves the target of new guidelines and recommendations. Having […]

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There’s a difference between making your content good and making your content more readable. Making good content might come easily to you, almost second nature. After all, if you’re a subject matter expert, you’ve got a fountain of knowledge at your fingertips. But knowledge doesn’t always translate into a good user experience. Large chunks of […]

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Video is such a huge part of any SEO campaign these days. In fact, video might be the primary form of content on the internet today—it certainly produces more engagement and more interaction than just about anything (obviously, I’m writing this, so I still believe in the power of the written word, but it is […]

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Learning Center for Cosmetic Surgeons

by Nick Engebretson

SEO 101: Search Engine Optimiziation Basics

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by Dan Voltz

How to Make Sure Your YouTube Video Looks Great

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Our learning center for cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons and other medical practices is meant to keep everyone up to date on best practices for website design, responsive development, modern SEO standards and much, much more!