Today’s web users have high expectations. Every website, it seems, needs to be a multimedia experience. That’s why you might be wondering how important video is for your plastic surgery website. The answer is pretty simple: video is incredibly important in today’s web environment. Are You Wondering about the Importance of Video on Your Plastic […]

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Video is such a huge part of any SEO campaign these days. In fact, video might be the primary form of content on the internet today—it certainly produces more engagement and more interaction than just about anything (obviously, I’m writing this, so I still believe in the power of the written word, but it is […]

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Learning Center for Cosmetic Surgeons

by Nick Engebretson

SEO 101: Search Engine Optimiziation Basics

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by Dan Voltz

How to Make Sure Your YouTube Video Looks Great

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Our learning center for cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons and other medical practices is meant to keep everyone up to date on best practices for website design, responsive development, modern SEO standards and much, much more!