What Inspires Plastic Surgery Design for Plastic Surgeons Today?

and what will inspire you tomorrow?

We love our plastic surgery website designs here at NSE Media. But we’ve been inspired by trends within the industry. And we hope to do our part to inspire the next generation of designers. Our plastic surgery website design inspiration always starts with the client and producing the most beautiful website possible.

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Finding just the right plastic surgery website design inspiration for your practice can be quite a challenge. That’s because plastic surgery is unlike many other medical specialties in that websites must strike a critical balance between medical prestige and aesthetic elegance. And that’s a tough equation to get right.

Challenging Design Expectations

In part, that’s because we have wildly different expectations of aesthetic and medical practices. A medical clinic is something we expect to be sterile–almost machine-like. On the other hand, an aesthetic eye requires a warm and human presence. Beauty is relative, so it takes a human touch to really see and experience it.

At NSE Media, we pride ourselves not only on delivering impressive plastic surgery websites, but also in inspiring the next generation of plastic surgery website designers. We spend a significant amount of our time keeping up to date on the latest website design trends (technological, medical, beauty–you name it). So we’re thrilled when we can move the needle in a certain direction, providing those who come after us with a healthy dose of plastic surgery website design inspiration.

Where Does Our Design Inspiration Come From?

In order to be an inspiration, however, one must first become inspired. That’s just how the artistic process works! Our designers have been at this for a while now, so it takes quite a bit of design finesse to inspire our crew. Here’s what our designers look for:

  • A clean, clear aesthetic: Because plastic surgery websites need to convey the cleanliness of a medical profession, we find ourselves inspired by designs that are crisp and clear. Negative space can be your friend!
  • Elegant fonts: For some designers, font can be an afterthought, the very last thing thrown into a design. However, our team is inspired by designs that do a fantastic job of integrating their font choices (it’s an added bonus when these fonts also look quite modern and sophisticated).
  • Information management: Plastic surgery websites need to convey a heck of a lot of information. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to manage that information. We get inspired by new means and methods, especially when they’re coupled with best SEO practices.

We’re constantly on the lookout for hot, new design trends. Our eye is always drawn to:

  • Brand new innovations in other verticals that could be useful in a plastic surgery setting
  • New technologies that open the door for animations or information management possibilities
  • Innovations in color theory that can help grab and direct the eye

How We Inspire Others

In the same way, we take great pride in the fact that our designs at NSE Media are helping to inspire others. We’ve noticed elements of our own designs popping up on other surgeon’s websites and we think that’s great! There’s no higher form of flattery, after all, than to see others using the innovations you helped put forward.

At NSE Media, we’re particularly proud to have had an impact on the way other websites:

  • Formulate menus and procedure navigation
  • Place models within headers and content blocks
  • Display statistical data using animations
  • Design headers and subheaders
  • Integrate video into the overall design
  • Use texture to create an elegant backdrop
  • Create custom, modern fonts

Now, we’re not taking credit for these overall trends (at least not all of them). Sometimes we stumble upon the same inspiration as other designers. That’s a natural part of the process, too. However it happens, we’re always happy to see others drawing from the same plastic surgery website design inspiration pool–and including us in that pool as well.

How Do You Get Inspired?

If you’re a surgeon looking into creating your own website, or hiring a firm to do it for you, it’s important to know where your own plastic surgery website design inspiration is coming from. If you keep a close eye on other surgeons’ websites, what is it that draws you in? Maybe you get inspired by non-medical websites?

Keeping track of what you like and what you don’t is a great way to ensure that your plastic surgery website design inspiration can be translated into the final product.

If you want to talk more about what your plastic surgery website might look like, and where your design inspiration comes from, contact NSE Media to start our conversation with our head of design. Contact us today to get started!

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