How Important is Video on Your Plastic Surgery Website?

Is video the future of the web?

It’s difficult to downplay just how important video for your plastic surgery website can be. Done correctly, video can improve retention and increase click-through-rates. For many surgeons, video is simply the most effective means to convert patients.

Today’s web users have high expectations. Every website, it seems, needs to be a multimedia experience. That’s why you might be wondering how important video is for your plastic surgery website. The answer is pretty simple: video is incredibly important in today’s web environment.

Are You Wondering about the Importance of Video on Your Plastic Surgery Website?

The reasons for that are diverse, but they all basically boil down to the same principle: videos improve engagement. They improve retention, click-through, lead generation, you name it. The time is coming when video will be the primary form of content on the internet.

There are some ways that you can improve the way your website uses video, even if you aren’t particularly fond of filming yourself. That’s because videos for your website don’t necessarily need to be videos of you. Although, they can be, and those videos have a place. Above all, it’s helpful to have a strategy as you employ video throughout your website.

That’s why we’re offering some video strategy basics today. These quick lessons are designed to help you get your video strategy off the ground and help get your plastic surgery website prepared for the future.

Your Video Can Be Polished, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

First and foremost, we should discuss all of your video options. Now, there are definitely some surgeons who–for good reason–are very particular about media they put out. There are other surgeons who seem to put out media on a whim. The best course of action for you will depend on the kind of image you want your practice to portray; any video endeavor on your part should reflect the branding that you’ve established for your plastic surgery clinic and website.

In that way, you have a few options to create original video content for your website:

  • Hire professionals: Seasoned videographers will know just how to light, shoot, and edit your video for your website. It’s difficult to understate just how much the right lighting and direction (not to mention sound) will influence how you appear in your videos. The only downside to this approach is cost. Professional corporate videographers can be quite expensive. You can maximize your time by recording several different pieces during one sitting. But there’s no getting around the investment in both time and money it takes to create a well polished piece of video.
  • Use your iPhone: Your second option is to use your camera phone to record some video. This isn’t necessarily a bad option, even though the end results will not be quite as polished. Modern web users (especially younger ones) look at video as a much more authentic and intimate expression of self than older audiences might. So a self-shot video doesn’t stand out; it just makes you look like an authentic human being, and therefore can add some credibility to what you’re saying (for the right audience at least). The upside of shooting your own video is that you have total control. The downside is that you might not get the polish that you’re looking for.

Tips for Taking Your Own Video

If you do decide to undertake the challenge of shooting your own vide, we have a few tips for you:

  • Shoot your video in a well-lit area: When it comes to any kind of video, lighting is incredibly important. If you can find some way to follow a basic three-point lighting scheme, that’s great. But if not, then simply ensuring you’re in a well lit area is a good idea. Avoid fluorescent lights, as they can make your skin look green or bruised. You also want to avoid backlighting. Make sure that your face is well lit, as that will make you appear more trustworthy.
  • Record in Landscape Mode: If you’re recording your own videos with a camera phone, make sure that your camera is in landscape mode. (Unless you intend to only post the video to Instagram or social media; if you ever plan on putting the video on your website, you have to shoot in landscape mode.) This is a big one.
  • Don’t forget about sound: You want to make sure that you enunciate clearly in all of your videos. Your audience needs to be able to hear you. Consider purchasing a lav microphone in order to record your sound with more clarity (lav mics are generally easy to use when recording with a phone–you just have to make sure you get the right kind).

Other Sources of Video Content

Not all of your website’s video has to come directly from you. Indeed, you may not want to shoot any of your own videos, professionally or otherwise. You do have a few other options to get some video on your plastic surgery website:

  • Many plastic surgeons make media appearances over the years; put those media appearance up on your website. YouTube is usually the best format in which to do this, but sometimes other formats are required. It’s a good investment in time and energy to make sure those videos are up.
  • Use educational videos available to all plastic surgeons. There are several educational video services out there for you to choose from. You want to be careful, of course; you don’t want too much duplicate content (including video) on your website. But it could be useful to sprinkle some of those videos in.
  • Find videos from YouTube. This has to be done verycarefully. Mostly because you don’t want to mingle your branding with another surgeon’s branding.
  • Have patients create video reviews. This is a great way to get video content for your website that is unique to you and compelling for users. Patient reviews are a great way to get video on your plastic surgery website that is effective and that converts!

Consider Your Options and Your Brand

Undoubtedly, you have options. You should take some time to consider those options along with your brand. Publishing video on your plastic surgery website is important and will help you convert new leads. But that doesn’t mean it should be done impulsively. At NSE Media, we have experience coaching clients through the video production process in order to ensure the video that goes up on their website complements their overall brand strategy.

To find out more about the video creation, editing, and publishing services provided by NSE Media, contact us to schedule a conversation with our team. If you want video on your plastic surgery website, you’ve come to the right place!

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