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As a technology company, Advanced Communications Consulting need a web presence that would be visible to its target audience: clients in need of technical help. As such, they wanted a design that communicated authority and expertise. The design team at NSE media crafted new branding, logos, and web assets, ensuring that the overall new website design was perfect for their target market. ACC’s brand new website included:

  • Parallax scrolling effects
  • Rich textures and visual interest
  • A cool color scheme that evoked the feel of tech

Because ACC was first and foremost a technology company, it was important that our design team communicate that via the branding and color schemes. As it stands now, this website for ACC could stand toe to toe with any technology website out there (in fact, it regularly outperforms them).



Technology Company Design

In many ways, the design of ACC’s website represented a brand new challenge for NSE Media. Having never designed a website for a technology company, we wanted to make sure we made a good impression. We put in a significant amount of research in order to ensure this website exceeded expectations.

And even though it’s a couple of years old at this point, the ACC website continues to outperform expectations–and competition. ACC features the latest in responsive technologies, ensuring that the interface is easy to use on a mobile platform. Additionally, the website does a fantastic job of reaching its target audience: people who need help or assistance with technology.

ACC continues to find success with this website, so we’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done!

Being from Minnesota I had heard great things about NSE Media through other business acquaintances and I believe their work speaks for itself. Nearly every website they design is beautiful, unique, functionally sound and their clients’ index very high on Google. I need to tip my hat to the NSE Media Team! They were on the ball from the very start and delivered my project quicker than expected. I would recommend NSE Media to anyone who needs a new website, identity or visibility in general.”

Tony LeBlanc, Owner

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