Dr. Mark Bosbous

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Dr. Bosbous is a long time client who needed a new, clean website to bring him into the modern version of the web. Our design team at NSE Media really hit this one out of the park! We were able to give Dr. Bosbous a beautiful, sophisticated new design that featured the latest innovations in best practices, including:

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Responsive design
  • Bold, striking imagery

In fact, because of the focus on Dr. Bosbous himself, we were able to incorporate a significant amount of custom photography into the final design. This helps Dr. Bosbous stand out in a crowded field. The iconography designed specifically for this site set the standard for the plastic surgery field for years. In fact, you can still find some of these design elements in the designs of our competitors! (We take it as a compliment!)


  • Logo & Identity
  • Plastic Surgeon Website Design
  • Responsive Development
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Secure Hosting


The Importance of Photography

There are many wonderful elements about Dr. Bosbous’s new website. The navigation is both intuitive and modern. Parallax scrolling makes the site look sophisticated. But perhaps the most important element in this particular design is the photography. Dr. Bosbous’s bold new design featured:

  • Beautiful stock photography uncompromisingly selected
  • Custom photography flawlessly integrated into the design
  • High resolution background images

Because of the availability of custom high quality photos, the design team at NSE Media was able to take an approach that highlighted Dr. Bosbous and his practice! The end result is a website that is modern, elegant and sophisticated–everything you could want form a modern design!

When looking for someone to build a website for my plastic surgery practice I spent a great deal of time speaking with many different firms about their approaches to web design. I decided to partner with NSE media due to their strong network of satisfied customers and their unique, cutting edge approach to website design. Nick and his team delivered a beautiful, one of a kind design on budget as promised. He guided me through the process and was not only available to me for suggestions and questions but really took all my ideas and brought them together into one cohesive and modern website design. Thanks Nick and NSE for delivering a site that ended up truly exceeding my expectations.

Mark W. Bosbous, MD

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