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As one of the premiere criminal attorneys in the Brainerd, MN, area, Chuck Halverson came to NSE Media to improve his online presence. To a certain degree, Chuck already had a significant local reputation, and he had found quite a bit of prestige in his field. But he wasn’t as searchable or reachable as he would have liked to have been. And he didn’t feel as though his website reflected the amount of prestige he had earned. As a result, NSE Media was commissioned to:

  • Redesign the entire website, including developing new branding
  • Make the website mobile friendly
  • Revamp content as needed on the website
  • Engage in a modest SEO campaign to increase organic visibility

The changes made to Chuck Halverson’s website and the organic SEO campaign we ran had a lasting positive impact, helping boost Chuck in Google’s search results and improving user engagement.



Responsive Lawyer Website Design

There were several challenges when it came to designing a new website for Chuck Halverson. Because he is a criminal law attorney, we had to nail the tone and tenor of his website, making it sophisticated and respectable. There was also a significant amount of information that needed to be displayed on his homepage, so our team designed several different ways to accomplish that.

The design team at NSE Media really pushed this design to the next level by incorporating:

  • High end stock photography chosen with great deliberation for this specific project
  • A consistent, sophisticated, and interesting color scheme (complete with texture and depth throughout the homepage)
  • Creating and expanding content in several key areas throughout the website

Overall, this website has largely been a success for Chuck and his team, giving his visibility a boost in several ways. That success has been consistent since NSE Media has been tasked with designing and building this website!

I got to know Nick Engebretson on the golf courses of the Lakes Area here in Brainerd and once I found out what he did for a living it sparked my interest enough to look into his work. I quickly learned that NSE Media was more than capable of helping my practice to move back to the top of Google for the keywords that were so important to me. It didn’t take a long after they redesigned my website that our positions moved back to the top of Google just as expected. I certainly recommend NSE Media to anyone who needs a no-nonsense team of experts who will be responsive and effective!

Chuck Halverson, Attorney

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