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Carillon Clinic is owned by board certified plastic surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD and they’re both our favorite hometown clients.

NSE Media was hired by Carillon Clinic over five years ago to rethink everything they were doing on the web and before the end of 2017 we will be rolling out our second redesign of their website to help roll out their new identity.

  • Successful SEO client for over 5 years
  • Rolling out our 2nd new website for them this year
  • Helping Carillon successfully transition to a new identity

It’s a pleasure to work with everyone at Carillon Clinic so we look forward to another five years of success together.


  • MedSpa Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Copywriting Services
  • Custom Apps
  • Brand & Identity Transition


Designed for a MedSpa

In many ways, medical spas are a particularly challenging niche to serve, especially when those clinics prefer to emphasize their medical aesthetics. That’s why our design team worked long and hard developing a brand new web design for Carillon Minneapolis–one that emphasized their changing identity in a crowded marketplace.

This design purposefully emphasizes the aesthetics of a cosmetic surgery clinic while incorporating the professionalism and transparency of medical professionals. We think it’s a very successful medical spa website design and we can’t wait for it to go live!

Carillon Clinic was ready for a complete redesign of their website, identity, and marketing strategy when they decided to hire NSE Media. Being that Carillon is strong with customer engagement we knew they would require a user-friendly CMS so we decided to build the site using WordPress. After a successful launch this fall we look forward to building their visibility both on search engines and within growing world of Social Media!

Nick Engebretson – President NSE Media

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