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Modern Plastic Surgeon is among the latest NSE Media websites to get a proper facelift (no pun intended)! Our goal was to create a valuable asset for our clients, capable of disseminating plastic surgery-based information to a wide variety of users and potential patients. Modern Plastic Surgeon relies on input from both subject matter experts and surgeons themselves in order to educate users. Our content focuses on:

  • The latest and most innovative plastic surgery procedures on the market
  • Preferred techniques and individual approaches preferred by surgeons themselves
  • News and events within the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures

Because Modern Plastic Surgeon’s mission involves reaching several specific audience, the design of the website allows for separate content areas–some of which emphasize the procedures themselves while others emphasize news and information for patients. This allows Modern Plastic Surgeon to remain influential and facilitate dialogue between surgeon groups, patient groups and those interested in plastic surgery.


  • Identity & Logo Design
  • Plastic Surgery Copywriting
  • Custom Website Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Social Media Marketing


An Intuitive Design

Whether accessed from a mobile platform or a desktop window, Modern Plastic Surgeon is an intuitive and easy website to access, navigate, and engage with. The combination of bold images and easy to view content means that Modern Plastic Surgeon is a fantastic vehicle for information dissemination. This is especially vital to:

  • Surgeons who wish to communicate with other surgeons
  • Patients who want to learn more about plastic surgery
  • Surgeons who want to authoritatively author pieces designed to educate patients

Thanks in large part to an innovative, inviting design, Modern Plastic Surgeon is quickly becoming one of the premiere plastic surgery publication venues on the web. The website was designed from a mobile-friendly, user-oriented frame of mind, ensuring excellent engagement and accessibility for years to come.

Modern Plastic Surgeon is another NSE Media property that provides our clients and our partners the opportunity to publish HIGH-VALUE content to users considering body contouring procedures. This website offers users alternatives to surgery such as proper diet and exercises that might help their “trouble areas”.

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