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There was a time when information regarding non surgical procedures was relatively rare. NSE Media was ahead of the curve with the creation of Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon. With a recent redesign that emphasized content strategy and responsive design, Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon cemented its reputation as one of the web’s leading sources of information about non invasive procedures.

This particular design incorporates a few fun elements that users really appreciate, including:

  • A novel use of video on the homepage
  • Unique menu elements and design
  • The use of cool, calming colors

We really wanted anyone who visited Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon to breath in the beachy, relaxing vibes that are often associated with places like Orange County or Los Angeles–those areas of the United States where cosmetic surgery is setting trends. That way there can be no doubt: Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon is where the cool kids come to learn about non invasive procedures.



Responsive Cosmetic Surgery Website Design

In some ways, it’s fair to say that Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon has a beachy vibe because we wouldn’t be surprised if people were researching Botox from the beach! We designed NSCS to go with you, wherever you went. That means you can learn more about dermal fillers at the same time you’re soaking up some sun. We felt this was important because:

  • Today’s users expect a high quality mobile experience
  • The desire to research cosmetic procedures can often be inspired by some fun in the sun
  • Google search algorithms favor responsive websites

Since its redesign in 2016, we’ve seen fantastic improvements in traffic at Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon. In part that’s because the new design is beautiful–and people like going to websites that look nice. But it’s also because, from top to bottom, Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon has been designed to be easy to use and easy to ready–putting user experience above all else. is another NSE Media network site designed to provide our clients with a platform where they can distrube quality content about the increasingly popular family of non-surgical procedures. The entire identity, design and development of this site was done in-house at NSE Media.

Nick Engebretson – President, NSE Media

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