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Los Angeles-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin was rightly proud of his role in developing the Non-Surgical Nose Job procedure. When he came to NSE Media to redesign all of his web assets, including, we couldn’t have been more excited. We spent a significant amount of time developing the branding and function for this successful microsite so Dr. Rivkin would be able to show off this non-surgical procedure even more.

Combined with a successful Cosmetic Surgery SEO Campaign, we were able to help put Dr. Rivkin’s microsite on the map in a way that harmonized with the success he enjoys on his primary website. This new design for NSE Media features:

  • A full responsive before and after gallery
  • Elegant and sophisticated branding that work with already existent primary brands
  • An improved lead generation approach with multiple ways to promote user contact
  • An amazing new design that will stay modern for years

The new Non-Surgical Nose Job website required a complex development period, in part because of a significant content that needed to be migrated properly to this new site. When our work was completed, however, the new was mobile compliant and faster than ever–despite a significant number of high-resolution images.


  • Identity & Logo Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Responsive Development
  • Cosmetic Surgery Copywriting
  • Ongoing SEO & Marketing


A Microsite Designed to Lead

NSE Media helped Dr. Alexander Rivkin succeed with a complete redesign of his primary website at Westside Aesthetics. Once that was complete, the project turned to redesigning one of his already existent microsites, After we redesigned Non Surgical Nose Job, we made sure this microsite did everything the right way:

  • Focusing on one particular procedure
  • Showcasing important before and after images
  • Giving Non Surgical Nose Job its own unique brand identity
  • Allowing Dr. Rivkin to broaden his keyword pool

In other words, as the expert in Non Surgical Nose Job procedures, Dr. Rivkin was now able to target a much wider range of keywords relating to the procedure than his primary website. This improved the performance of both this website and his primary website.

NSE Media recently developed a new, innovative look for all three of our websites. We have been in business twelve years, and we have worked with several web development teams. NSE has excelled at the website design process by providing fast and easy solutions. Their style is modern, and I would even say that our main site is ahead of its time as far the layout for our industry. NSE also successfully re-launched our main site after the re-design without causing any loss in rankings. Although we are new to working with NSE on SEO, we have already noticed a positive impact. Nick and Dan are both readily available, even after hours, for any job big or small. Changes/additions are always made promptly which has helped with my workflow as I don’t need to spend anytime double-checking the status of requested projects. Nick, Dan and everyone at NSE Media has my highest recommendation!

Karen Howe – Practice Manager

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