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After having developed the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure, Dr. Alexander Rvikin set about promoting all the wonderful things that procedure could do. In this particular case, Dr. Rivkin wanted to showcase how a Non Surgical Nose Job could provide a revision (both to surgical and non surgical rhinoplasty results). In order to achieve the most visibility possible, Dr. Rivkin hired NSE Media to redesign and re-develop this website from the ground up.

Our design team at NSE Media was commissioned with the following:

  • Logo and branding design
  • Designing an entirely new layout
  • Making the website mobile-friendly
  • Creating a graceful, sophisticated design that stands out

The design for utilized the latest developments in HTML and CSS to create fun, engaging animations and easy-to-use navigation. That’s part of the reason why the site is easy to use and enjoyable to look at!


  • Custom Website Design
  • Identity & Logo Design
  • Responsive Development
  • Custom Photo Gallery
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Secure Hosting


Procedural Focus is certainly not the first microsite that NSE Media has created. However, it is somewhat unique in its intense focus on a particular use for a specific procedure. Not only did this website focus on the Non Surgical Nose Job, but it focused on the use of that procedure for a singular purpose: revising other rhinoplasty procedures.

The designers are NSE Media were able to achieve this specificity by:

  • Carefully selecting stock photography
  • Deploying content conscientiously
  • Creating a before and after gallery to highlight results

The end result is a website that successfully focuses on a single use for a single procedure. This has enabled Dr. Rivkin to increase his visibility associated with both the Non Surgical Nose Job and the revision aspect of that non-invasive procedure. This increase in visibility has improved the performance of both and Dr. Rivkin’s practice in Los Angeles!

NSE Media recently developed a new, innovative look for two of our websites. We have been in business twelve years, and we have worked with several web development teams. NSE has excelled at the design process by providing fast and easy solutions. Their style is modern, and I would even say that our main site is ahead of its time as far the layout for our industry. NSE also successfully re-launched our main site after the re-design without causing any loss in rankings. Although we are new to working with NSE on SEO, we have already noticed a positive impact. Nick and Dan are both readily available, even after hours, for any job big or small. Changes/additions are always made promptly which has helped with my workflow as I don’t need to spend anytime double-checking the status of requested projects. Nick, Dan and everyone at NSE Media has my highest recommendation!

Karen Howe – Practice Manager

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