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As one of the premiere plastic surgeons in a highly competitive markets, Dr. Tenley Lawton was frustrated that she wasn’t getting found. She came to NSE Media because she wanted to accelerate her growth in the Newport Beach and Orange County areas. Dr. Lawton’s organic SEO strategy from NSE Media included:

  • Improving the quality of the vast majority of onsite content
  • Beginning the process of building inbound links
  • Improving aspects of the usability and design of Dr. Lawton’s website

Most organic SEO campaigns require months of patience in order to see results. The performance of Dr. Lawton’s website, however, began improving quite quickly. Even after less than a year, Dr. Lawton’s positions have improved dramatically and site to her website has been steadily growing.


  • Monthly SEO
  • Website Design Consulting
  • Plastic Surgery Copywriting


Responsive Newport Beach Plastic Surgery Website

Dr. Lawton’s current website is both responsive and effective for most of Dr. Lawton’s needs. NSE Media has not been involved in the design of this website, except in a consulting capacity when asked by the client. We are always happy to help our SEO clients improve and augment their designs. After all, a good design can work in concert with a solid SEO strategy, boosting the results of each.

I’ve been a marketer for many years and have gone through countless SEO companies in the last decade. The folks at NSE Media are absolutely top notch in every way. They deliver and are extremely dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help their clients increase their exposure through many years of SEO experience. They always deliver and I am very happy with their work.

A challenge many SEO companies have is truly understanding their client’s industry and the jargon associated with it.  Because of that, the messaging and tone on the website can get mangled a bit being manipulated by people that don’t understand the proper voice to use.

NSE Media knows the plastic surgery marketplace so you can be sure adjustments to your site or content generated by NSE Media will hone in on your practice’s direct message, as if you created it yourself.

Another crucial benefit of working with NSE Media is they tell me what they are going to do and how they are going to do it in easy to understand terms and explanations so everyone is on the same page. It shouldn’t be up to the practice to interpret charts and analytics metrics and NSE Media makes sure the efforts and results are crystal clear.  I recommend them to anyone looking to boost their search rankings, period.

Michael Newman, Online Marketing Manager

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