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One key feature of any SEO strategy is going to be the building of backlinks. That’s true for plastic surgeons, medspas or dermatology clinics. Backlinks will form the backbone of any good organic, offsite SEO strategy. That’s not to say good content isn’t important too—indeed, a good backlink strategy can only succeed if it’s building on good content.

What Do Backlinks Mean for You?

Building backlinks in a quality, organic way is the best, tried and true method for climbing up the Google positions ladder. But that’s only true if you know what you’re doing. A poorly devised or “Black Hat” backlinking strategy can lead your website to ruin.

At NSE Media, we have almost 20 years of experience building healthy backlinks to cosmetic and plastic surgery websites the right way. This helps ensure that Google recognizes the growing authority of your website and rewards you with improving positions for targeted pages of your website.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

For any practice or aesthetic surgery clinic, backlinks are a kind of metric of your popularity. Think about it like this: if a website is a popular authority on a topic, it’s going to get linked to often due to the virtue of that popularity. In other words: if you are an authority, other websites will link to you. Therefore, Google (and other search engines) use backlinks as a kind of indication—the more backlinks you have, the greater authority you must be.

There was a time when Google would simply count up the number of backlinks pointing to your website and use that number to calculate your authority. These days, however, Google uses much more sophisticated algorithms. Not only do they pay attention to the number of backlinks you have, but they note the quality of those links as well.

A variety of healthy, quality back links tells Google the following:

  • Your site is easy to use
  • Your site is giving users what they want/need when searching
  • Your website is providing relevant and timely information
  • The information on your website is presented in a useful way
  • You are an authority or have authority in your particular field

How Does NSE Media Create Backlinks?

There are right ways and wrong ways to create backlinks. The “wrong ways” to create backlinks involve “Black Hat” SEO techniques as well as what we’ll call “inauthentic”, or automated, link building. This could include activities such as buying backlinks or using artificial methods to (such as bots) to build hollow backlinks.

In order to build backlinks the right way you need the following:

  • Good content
  • Authority sourcing
  • A way to share that content with people who are eager to read or view it
  • Promotion of your content

Our strategy at NSE Media plays by Google’s rules because that’s the best way to build long term growth in the number of backlinks you have. We do this by building and creating content (as part of our long term content strategy). This content is unique, brand new, and custom to your practice or medspa.

The Benefits of the Right Approach

We then leverage this content in order to foster sharing and growth. Modern link building strategies will often employ at least a partial social media sharing campaign in order to get as much out of your backlinks as possible. The more those backlinks are shared (and linked to again), the more powerful they will be.

Everything NSE Media does in this regard is above board. We don’t want to take advantage of “loopholes” in Google’s algorithm because you never know when those “loopholes” will be closed. If you’re caught taking advantage of those loopholes, your rankings could crash with any given algorithm update.

Building Links by the Rules

NSE Media knows that building links is a vital part of your SEO campaign. That’s why we take a healthy, transparent, and organic approach to all of our link building campaigns. That way we know that the benefits you get from your links will last for a more organic amount of time—the way that any other links would.

That’s why our link building and content marketing strategies often go hand-in-hand. In fact, link building without a content marketing component isn’t likely to be effective in the current Google environment.

To find out more about how you can benefit from a robust and organic link building strategy, contact NSE Media today. Take advantage of our nearly 20 years of experience in building links for plastic and cosmetic surgeons so we can build you more potent, longer lasting links.

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