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Today’s cutting edge marketing techniques all revolve around one thing: content strategy. At NSE Media, we take a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to content creation and deployment, ensuring you have a comprehensive and effective content strategy for your website. Our successful work in content strategy for plastic surgeons and cosmetic professionals means we can help your practice get on the right track fast!

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What is Content Marketing and Strategy?

The definition of good content marketing or strategy is going to depend based on your own website’s needs. For example, if you’re a plastic surgeon starting a practice or a well established medical spa in need of marketing expertise, it’s likely that your content strategy will vary in significant ways.

It’s also worth noting that content strategy is inextricably linked from other aspects of the marketing ecosystem, including copywriting, SEO, and website design. There’s no doubt that content strategy touches and influences your entire digital marketing campaign.

Defining Content Strategy

Very simply put, “content strategy” is the planning and implementation of content throughout your marketing campaign. The term “content” itself can mean just about anything, from video pieces to podcasts to written blogs. But content forms the backbone of the modern digital universe. Users consume content—they’re hungry for content—in a way that borders on insatiable.

That’s why the domains for content are so incredibly competitive. And that’s why the production of content simply isn’t enough anymore. You have to know how to leverage that content, how to get the most out of that content. Over the long term, this requires strategy.

It’s not uncommon for modern content strategies to include at least some of the following:

  • Custom, high quality video content (either produced or curated by NSE Media)
  • Engaging, unique blog content
  • Social media engagement and sharing
  • Purpose built infographics designed to be easily shareable
  • Custom images and web or print design content

The list could keep going. In some cases, it’s appropriate to include press releases or other PR materials within a content strategy.

Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

For a clinic that specializes in plastic surgery, content strategy is a highly effective way to increase visibility for your practice. That’s because good content marketing takes advantage of the inherent structure of the internet itself: people want to share their knowledge and advocate for brands they appreciate. There’s an interconnectivity to the internet that makes sharing content both easy and desirable.

Unsurprisingly, that content can take a wide variety of forms. Taking an intentional approach to content marketing can help you make the most out of the content you have, ensuring it targets the right audience and reverberates throughout the internet in a calibrated and intentional way.

More Than “Going Viral”

It’s important to recognize that a good content strategy involves more than attempting to “go viral.” First and foremost, going viral in the traditionally thought of way is incredibly unpredictable and unsustainable. In other words, “going viral” is about as much a strategy as winning the lottery.

The team at NSE Media takes the time to develop a very specific content strategy for you and your brand or your website.

Our Content Marketing Strategy

starts by asking the following questions

What is your brand audience?

Whether you have a plastic surgery practice or a high end cosmetic clinic, your brand is going to have a certain target audience. Being as narrow as possible about this audience selection will help develop the most effective content strategy possible.

How does your brand audience communicate?

The answer to this question will have far reaching implications in terms of the best way to reach your audience. After all, a good content strategy encourages your users to advocate for your brand. Giving them content to share is one thing—but creating content they want to share is another. And that’s where good content marketing comes in.

Where is your brand audience located?

A good content marketing strategy will meet your audience where they like to hang out. Maybe your audience is on Facebook or on Instagram. Or maybe your audience is in the blogosphere. Knowing where your audience spends their time on the web is an important step towards developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

Thanks to the likes of YouTube and Vimeo, it’s easier than ever to get your video on the internet. In fact, it’s so easy that users have begun to expect video. That’s why NSE Media offers services that can create, edit, brand, and distribute videos for your business. Video marketing for plastic surgeons is more popular (and more potent) than ever.

Video is an incredibly effective way to get your message across, even if you don’t necessarily have the best production values. Users often expect a certain amount of amateur quality to videos—in many ways, it makes the video more authentic. Content Marketing is a great way to figure out how and when to use videos so they’ll be as effective as possible for your unique business.

Copywriting for Your Business

Video is a growing piece of the internet pie. But the vast majority of content creation is still done the old fashioned way: by writing it. At NSE Media, we have a highly devoted and practiced team of copywriters here to help you craft effective and engaging marketing materials.

Whether you need a new page for a novel procedure or a new blog detailing the benefits of a temporary filler, NSE Media focuses on writing copy that moves your user along in the lead lifecycle. We have a long history of providing clear copy on complex medical topics in a way that’s easy for users, clients, and candidates to understand.

Good copy really is the backbone of most content marketing strategies. NSE Media can work with you to ensure that backbone is strong, durable, and productive for your business.

Content Marketing with Strategy

Well developed content is vital to the survival of your business in a digital landscape. Content is what brings people in, moves them along in your life cycle, and helps you close the deal. The power of good content is only amplified when that content is placed within an overall marketing strategy.

Content strategy can help you rise above the rest of the pack, putting content in the hands of your advocates and users, nurturing candidates into patients. A comprehensive content strategy means getting marketing materials into the hands of your best advocates—then letting the power of the internet give your marketing legs!

To find out more about what content marketing and content strategy can do for your clinic or practice, contact NSE Media today!

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