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Helping plastic surgeons succeed through email

Your website is the face of your practice on the internet, but email marketing can be an effective means of nurturing leads and fostering engagement over time. After all, not all purchases are impulse purchases. The field of plastic surgery counts on patients to make well-researched, informed decisions that emerge slowly and over time.

Boost Patient Awareness with Email Marketing

It’s important that you not lose contact with leads and patients over time. One way to maintain continued engagement is through email marketing. In modern terms, email marketing has generated something of a poor reputation. Many people tend to conflate email marketing with spam marketing.

The best email marketing campaigns will eschew the spam approach. In fact, you want your email marketing campaign to work in conjunction with other aspects of your strategies, such as your SEO and Website Design. The trick with any good email campaign for medical spas or aesthetic surgery clinics is simple: give the user something they want.

The NSE Approach to Email Marketing

Email is ubiquitous. Nearly everyone has an email address—and everyone gets inundated with advertisements and unwanted junk mail. That’s why NSE Media favors an approach to email marketing rooted in best practices:

  • Offer the user something of value: The shorthand for this is simple: give the user a coupon. But “value” doesn’t always mean discount. Indeed, as long as the information you’re supplying in the email is useful then you’re providing something of value.
  • Know what the user wants: Targeted marketing is incredibly important when it comes to email marketing. Sometimes this means knowing the user lifecycle and journey-building. But often it simply means ensuring any content that gets emailed out to the user is useful.
  • Easy Opt-in: If the user can’t easily opt in or out of your emails, the user will likely look at them as spam. In other words: your email can’t be an annoyance if it’s going to be successful.

Email Marketing for Business

At NSE Media, we can help you use the latest technology and email services in order to help ensure that your email campaign works. For many businesses—including those of plastic surgeons—email marketing is going to be an important piece of the overall marketing puzzle.

That’s why we spend a lot of time thinking about your email marketing goals and how best to achieve them. E. mail marketing fits snuggly in many of our overall marketing campaigns and strategies—many of which are content driven—to help ensure that all pieces of the puzzle are moving properly.

If you want to know more about what NSE Media can do for you—and how we can help you with your email marketing campaign—contact us today. From the development of content to the deployment of assets, NSE Media can help you get your email campaign off the ground or right the ship when you aren’t getting the desired results you want.

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