Local SEO

When You Want to be Found Next Door

NSE Media offers specialized local SEO for plastic surgeons because we know how important it is that patients be able to find you in Google’s local maps. The decision to elect plastic surgery is rarely an impulsive one. Patients will spend extensive hours researching everything from Breast Augmentation to Botox. That research often involves comparing cosmetic surgeons in their local areas.

Helping with Local SEO

In order to succeed, your practice needs to be visible—not just nationally, but locally as well. That’s generally true for any business that maintains a so-called “brick and mortar” presence. So how does local SEO for plastic surgeons (and for other practices, such as dermatology clinics or medspas) work?

At NSE Media, we’ve developed strategies and techniques that, in combination with other best practices, can help you rank for local results and show up in local packs on Google searches. Our local search solutions for plastic surgeons and cosmetic clinics can help you get found the right way!

You might find yourself wondering what “local SEO” is—and how it might different than broader, more national search engine optimization strategies. The discussion has to start with explaining a bit about how Google operates.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Google is very, very interested in providing each user with relevant and, in some cases, personalized results (the thinking is that the more personalized the results are, the more relevant they will be). And one thing Google is really good at knowing is your location. Typically, if you search for something as simple as “breast augmentation” or “rhinoplasty,” Google will show you results that matter for your location. Returns will include results for plastic surgeons near you. You may also see a “local pack”—this shows various map results.

These local results are incredibly useful for a couple of reasons:

  • Local searchers are ready to buy!
  • 50% of local searchers will visit or call within a day
  • Improved local visibility can improve your reputation management

How Do You Rank Well in Local Searches?

The best SEO scholars have really dug into the phenomenon of local searches. In the long lineage of search engine results, local packs and individualized results are both quite novel.

Ranking well in local SEO results can help your practice in a number of different ways. If you rank in a local pack for breast augmentation, for example, you might rank above the first position in the search results. This can also help establish your presence in local search results–both in the short term and long term.

That’s because Google is not likely to abandon their ambitions for more personalized results. Local SEO embraces this fact—helping you gain visibility in a way that is relevant to modern users.

NSE Media Local SEO Solutions

to help you rank well

Checking Your Local Listings:

Google has to collect and coordinate its data with someone; when it comes to local results, Google uses a wide selection of listings to compare data. One way to help you rank better in local searches is to make sure these other local listings (for example, Yelp and Yellow Pages) are accurate and in order.

Check Your Website

In the same way that you can’t reliably rank for “breast augmentation” searches if you don’t have a breast augmentation page, it’s difficult to rank well for local searches if you do not have an accurate address and phone number on your website.

SEO Best Practices:

According to several analyses performed by Moz, a highly reputable SEO think tank, many of the ranking factors for local searches are similar to those for national searches. One way that NSE Media helps you rank is by helping you with an overarching SEO strategy that follows modern best practices.

What Does NSE Media Bring to the Table?

At NSE Media, we’re able to blend your local and national SEO campaigns into a successful overall marketing strategy. We follow modern best practices so that you can rest assured in the longevity of your success. Our team has over 15 years of experience in the field of SEO, specializing in local SEO and marketing for plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

While Local SEO is relatively novel, we’re able to situate this innovation within the arc of historical SEO—meaning we know what works in the long term and what doesn’t.

It’s worth noting that Local SEO works best when it’s not performed in a vacuum. You get the most SEO bang for your buck when local efforts are paired with a cohesive organic SEO campaign. If you want to know more about what NSE Media can do for your plastic surgery practice’s Local SEO campaign, contact us today to set up a time to talk. Local SEO for plastic surgeons can help put your practice on the map—literally!

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