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When building and promoting a plastic surgeon on the web, SEO is a vital piece of an overall marketing strategy. In fact, many plastic surgeons are now finding themselves competing with medical spas and other cosmetic surgery practices due to the crossover in non-surgical procedures. Everyone needs a little bit of SEO to improve performance and augment their marketing strategies, but it must not be done at the cost of the user.

Optimize Surgically for User Experience

At NSE Media, we believe in building search engine optimization campaigns the right way. We focus on achieving long-term results by following the letter of Google’s laws and adhering to the spirit of those laws as well. Ultimately, Google wants to reward an experience that is good for the end user. That’s why we focus our SEO campaigns on designing websites for plastic surgeons with the user in mind first and foremost.

That’s also why we help our medical clients get the most out of their website design and function. A slow website can hamper the user experience–so too can a clunky design. During any SEO campaign, we help you cater all aspects of your website to enrich the user experience. When your plastic surgery website is running on all cylinders, the users are usually able to easily access procedure info and photo galleries on any device.

When the users are happy, Google is happy! After all, Google’s modern algorithms and requirements favor websites that are easy to use, useful, and beautiful. Many medical SEO companies make the mistake of trying to appease Google’s search algorithms first and their users second. At NSE Media, we understand that the best way to make Google happy is to make your users happy first. At NSE Media we have spent over fifteen years observing how users spend their time on plastic surgery websites so you can be sure we understand what users are looking for and what keeps them on-site.

The Role of Link Building in SEO

Over the years, Search Engine Optimization for plastic surgeons has had to overcome a certain amount of stigma. In large part, this stigma originated in the ways that SEOs of old would abuse certain loopholes in Google’s algorithm in order to gain a short term advantage. That’s why, sometimes, link building gets a bad rap.

At NSE Media, we do link building right. Our strategy depends on several well-established best practices:

  • Nurturing organic links with high quality content
  • Creating links in content that is highly curated and relevant to readers
  • Using content to build links instead of links to build content
  • Creating new, organic content from the ground up to give your links the best juice possible
  • Favoring a strategy that includes ever-expanding link diversity in order to build the highest authority possible

Google uses “link juice” as a ranking factor because links are a kind of internet currency. The more links you have, the more trustworthy you must be. That’s why link building is still an incredibly important part of any search engine optimization campaign, especially when it’s done right.

Local SEO vs. National SEO

One of the major shifts in search engine optimization for plastic surgeons that we’ve seen in the past few years is the focus on Local SEO. For those of you who might not know, Local SEO focuses on showing up early and often for map and directory related searches. This also has the benefit of helping clients show up in what are called “local results” (those neat little boxes that show up prior to most normal search results).

Local SEO can be incredibly important, especially if you have any kind of brick and mortar footprint. Luckily, there are a few ways to help bolster your rankings for these important local positions. At NSE Media, we know how much traffic a good local campaign can generate.

It’s also worth noting that while Local and national SEO campaigns have their own unique strategies, there is a lot of overlap between ranking factors. In other words, when local and national SEO campaigns are working together and firing on all cylinders, you’re increasing the visibility of your practice to a wide variety of users.

SEO for Plastic Surgeons

For plastic surgeons, Local SEO is quite important because local users are largely the ones who end up using those services. While ranking well for “breast augmentation” is good, a high ranking for “Minneapolis breast augmentation” or “breast augmentation” with local search parameters will be better–this way you’re receiving more visitors that will actually convert into clients.

There are quite a few SEO challenges that are pretty unique to plastic surgeons and medical spas. At NSE Media, we have nearly twenty years of experience helping plastic surgeons successfully navigate the choppy waters of search engine optimization. For example, we know the difference between advertising a board certified plastic surgeon and a medical spa–especially in terms of how they can be represented. We know the cosmetic vertical well, so you can stay focused on practice.

What Can We Do For You?

Benefits of NSE's SEO Experience

Over 15 Years of Experience

Familiarity with Plastic Surgery

We know how users search for breast augmentation procedures vs. tummy tuck procedures. And our copywriters are well versed in the latest techniques and methods. This means we can help you rank higher with better quality content in a way that makes sense for the field of plastic surgery.

Do's and Don'ts

There are certain practices that most cosmetic and plastic surgeons should avoid. For example, we advise most of our clients to refrain from saying they are the “best” at anything (for example: avoid “best liposuction surgeon”). We also counsel our clients to use proper disclaimers and to avoid nudity on certain pages without some kind of consent check-form.

We know the competition

Having worked in the plastic surgery vertical for nearly twenty years, we have a pretty good vision of the landscape and the we know the terrain. We understand the changes that Google is making to their algorithm within the larger contexts of the search engine ecosystem. Which means that we know how to help you achieve long term search engine success.

Doing Search Engine Optimization the Right Way

At NSE Media, we focus on doing Search Engine Optimization the right way. This means that we take a lot of time to not only understand each of Google’s big updates—but we also interrogate the intentions of those updates.

Ultimately, Google wants what its users want: an internet of connectivity, utility, and accessibility. We create content for the user first knowing that Google will reward patient engagement. In other words, we don’t work around Google—we work with Google.

Following the rules helps to ensure that you won’t be hit by a penalty somewhere down the road, meaning your results will be more robust. However, Search Engine Optimization is a field that is becoming much more competitive, especially for medical spas and plastic surgeons.

To get ahead of your competition and start ranking for the most powerful keywords, contact NSE Media today.

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