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Social Media for Medical Spas and Plastic Surgeons

There’s no denying the power of social media marketing in today’s consumer landscape. Not only is social media a powerful tool for plastic surgeons—it’s also an expected avenue of connection for consumers and customers. In order to be a successful plastic or cosmetic surgeon in the digital space, you need a good social media marketing strategy.

The Power of Modern Social Media Marketing

NSE Media has a proven track record helping plastic surgery and medical spa practices large and small get on track and forge ahead with cutting edge social media strategies. Whether you’re starting from scratch, righting the ship, or continuing a proven success, we know what it takes to get ahead and create a powerful social media campaign.

Modern Social Media is Authentic

Whether you’re a famous plastic surgeon or a new medical spa, the key to any good social media campaign is authenticity. At NSE Media, we work hard to discover, craft and refine your voice. That’s important because social media is far more ubiquitous than ever before—and transmitted over a wide variety of different channels.

These days, most brands will have a presence on Facebook. But should that brand voice extend into other channels: Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, etc? There are so many vehicles to connect with users available to brands that choosing between them can sometimes become confusing. NSE Media can help you identify which channels best suit your brand, your purposes, and your audience, ensuring you get the most out of your social media efforts.

This can be especially important when it comes to social media for cosmetic and plastic surgeons, as users will expect a certain type of content.

A Joint Effort

Our social media team here at NSE Media are experts in their field. We can help you build the kind of audience and engagement that will have a lasting impact on the success of your cosmetic surgery practice. That success can be amplified when social media campaigns become truly collaborative.

As we said, authenticity is the strongest ingredient in social media success. This means that the most impressive campaigns will be those that reflect the authentic events, personalities, and messaging of your medical practice. The more authentic your message is, the more your audience will connect with you! Our experience running social media for cosmetic and plastic surgeons means we’re ready to take on your medical social campaign and help you connect!

Special Offer for Medical Spas

NSE Media is currently running a special offer for cosmetic surgeons who need a new website for their medical spa. Be sure to mention you visited our website when you call in and save 20% off your new website design and additionally we’ll redesign your social media accounts (limited to three social media channels) at no extra cost!

Easy to Use Social Tools

Social media marketing—both within and beyond the field of plastic surgery—is incredibly competitive. That’s why we invest in both the tools and the expertise help your practice and your brand stand out. At NSE Media we:

Monitor your brand’s social media presence

If you’re present on a social media channel, users expect you to be responsive. We monitor your mentions and your engagement to make sure that no opportunity passes you by!


One advantage of social media is that it allows you to be nimble. But that doesn’t mean that everything is done at the last minute. At NSE Media, we help you schedule your social media posts ahead of time, freeing up valuable time to book cosmetic surgery consultations. This doesn’t mean we also don’t take advantage of daily news cycles or impromptu events, but we do take time to schedule the most efficient windows for your social media posts.

Appropriate Engagement

Whether your brand has to do with cosmetic surgery or dermatology, we know that there’s an appropriate way to engage with your audience. Our tools and experience at NSE Media help ensure that user engagement is always performed in a way that is appropriate for your medical practice.

Our experience has been that the best social media campaigns are those that combine both real-time and thoroughly planned events unique to the social media channels most applicable to your business.

The Future of Marketing

It has become evident over the past several years that social media for plastic surgeons cannot be discounted as a fad or diminished as a niche. Social media marketing is a vital component to any awareness and advertising strategy. At NSE Media, we put a significant amount of time and energy into client social media campaigns because we recognize that importance.

In many ways, the power of social media is not to be underestimated. If you’d like to discuss the best ways to improve your own social media presence—or, perhaps, to build one from scratch—contact NSE Media to get started. We can help you assess strengths and opportunities on your social platform and leverage your brand to get the best return possible.

Social media marketing is replete with opportunities for plastic and cosmetic surgeons—contact us to get started today.

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