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There’s no denying that video has claimed the spotlight amongst all media now and for the future, so assuring your video strategy’s in line is going to be vital to the success of any medical spa or plastic surgery practice. The internet today is faster than ever, computers and smartphones are more powerful than previously imagined. And that means the inquiring cosmetic surgery user has come to expect video content when qualifying a plastic surgeon.

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Embracing Today's Video World

To be sure, video has not yet replaced text as the primary content form. But that transition might not be far off. That’s why NSE Media has invested in the video strategies we offer to cosmetic surgeons and medical spas—so we can be sure we’re helping your practice succeed today and into the future.

In fact, one of Los Angeles based clients–a cosmetic surgeon–was so confident in NSE Media’s ability to balance design and video that he commissioned a specially made, custom header that featured nothing but video. This trend has since caught on, but NSE Media’s work for Dr. Rivkin was pretty revolutionary at the time.

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Why is Video Important?

Modern marketing campaigns are dominated by what’s called “content marketing.” Essentially content marketing is a way of producing valuable content with inherent value outside of its role as a marketing tool. Often, the star of that content strategy is video. And there are some quantifiable reasons as to why.

Video Helps You Stand Out

Because content marketing is the strategy of choice for so many large firms, having custom video content can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace of ideas.

Video Improves Engagement

Several studies have shown that video content can improve overall engagement by something like ten times. In other words, you’ll get ten times as many people involved in your video as you might have in a written piece (you can improve engagement even more by doing both). Video has also been shown to improve click-through-rates and lead generation.

Video Can be Everywhere

There was a time when video could only be viewed on a desktop with the highest of internet speeds. Today, video is everywhere. It’s playable on mobile devices, smartphones, computers—everything. Even smartwatches can play certain types of video. That means video has a pretty unique ability to penetrate all kinds of markets. That penetration makes it an incredibly useful tool for surgeons and clinics.

Video can help your practice stand out in a competitive and useful way. The goal of your video strategy should be to provide users with something useful and memorable. And that’s why you should avoid video strategies that attempt to “go viral,” as these strategies almost never work (indeed, most videos that “go viral” do so unintentionally—so any attempt to replicate that intentionally is going to be problematic). Video works best when you know your audience and use your own videos to keep them engaged and ultimately earn their trust.

What Does NSE Media

bring to the video table?

Video strategy

Want to know the best way to create and use videos? NSE Media offers consulting to help you figure out how to put your best foot forward. Whether you already have a set of videos or you’re looking to create new ones, we’re here to help with your video marketing strategy.

Video Editing

Many practices will capture their own video, but not really know what to do with it after that. Editing is really where your video is created—it’s another chance to get everything just right. NSE Media offers professional level video editing services so you can be sure that your video is as captivating and coherent as possible!

Video branding

Your video needs to be all about your practice—but in a tasteful and classy way. NSE Media can help you with your video branding needs, whether it’s adding bumpers or a lower third. Branding your video is vital to ensuring that people who watch the video actually know who you are—and that they remember you!

Video Content at NSE Media

NSE Media offers a variety of serves to help you maximize the video strategy for your practice or clinic. Whether you’re a plastic surgeon attempting to create educational videos or a medspa looking to brand promotional video blogs, NSE Media can help you achieve the best of what’s possible.

Many of our video strategy clients are full partners. This means we have experience balancing your needs and ours, knowing what you want to do and filling in the gaps. One of the most important elements of your video is you and your brand identity. We work very hard to ensure and promote the integrity of that identity.

Video marketing is one of the key methods of ensuring your practice thrives. Videos can help you capture leads and nurture engagement. If you want to know more about how our video strategies can take your campaign to the next level, contact us to discuss next steps!

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