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Our visitors will be able to view many testimonials in our portfolio, however, we thought some might enjoy taking a bit of a shortcut so we created this page of featured video testimonials. Most often we feature videos from our plastic surgery clients but from time to time we might mix in some other professionals. If you’re interested in writing a review of your own we urge you to use the link below.

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Dr. Tholen | Minneapolis Plastic Surgery

“Nick and his team are at the cutting edge of web design, interactive search engine optimization, and have worked on some of our colleagues’ websites whose reputation is national. They have both the insight and the development horsepower to deliver whatever you are looking for. If they have any fault (and most would consider it an asset), it is that they are capable of delivering on a timeline that for me and my plodding capabilities was “too fast.” That being said, they have been more than gracious in working with me and my slower and more deliberate timeline as I have written and rewritten all of our website text, modified our photos, and asked for changes. I think you will find them without equal in the industry, where there are many who claim expertise, but few that can match their skills.”

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Dr. Rivkin | Westside Aesthetics

“NSE Media recently developed a new, innovative look for two of our websites. We have been in business twelve years, and we have worked with several web development teams. NSE has excelled at the design process by providing fast and easy solutions. Their style is modern, and I would even say that our main site is ahead of its time as far the layout for our industry. NSE also successfully re-launched our main site after the redesign without causing any loss in rankings. Although we are new to working with NSE on SEO, we have already noticed a positive impact. Nick and Dan are both readily available, even after hours, for any job big or small. Changes/additions are always made promptly which has helped with my workflow as I don’t need to spend anytime double-checking the status of requested projects. Nick, Dan and everyone at NSE Media has my highest recommendation!” – Karen Howe, Practice Manager

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Dr. Craig Hobar | Dallas Plastic Surgeon

“Several years ago our office was contacted to see if we had an interest in updating our website and/or our SEO. Nice guy by the name of Nick. Wasn’t ready at that time, but for whatever reason, I kept his number and put it in old marketing folder. When we recently decided to finally update our website and look into SEO, I remembered Nick from that phone conversation (he left a lasting impression) and looked desperately for his number. I found it, and thank goodness I did. Even though we are on opposite ends of the United States, it is like we are sitting in the same room. The ease in which to work with Nick/NSE Media has been unbelievable. He has a vast of knowledge about the industry and has been totally dedicated from the start. What an awesome website he built for us!”

Dawna Landry – Office Manager

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