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it starts with keeping our promises

It’s become a common thread written in online reviews and told in video testimonials: NSE Media goes the extra mile and responds to client requests much faster than other search engine optimization companies or webmasters. We are proud to have earned such a reputation over the last fifteen years and challenge ourselves to maintain a no nonsense, high-quality experience for the entire client lifecycle.

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Size Matters

NSE Media has always been a smaller company by design and it has everything to do with our success and the successes of our clients. Anyone interested in speaking directly with Nick Engebretson, the owner of NSE Media, has a 90% chance of being able to do that within the first phone call. If you leave a message or send an e-mail don’t be surprised if you’re responded to within the hour. These response times are not exclusive to just Nick, you’ll find the same is true of the entire team. A luxury of working with a smaller company who’s committed to every client.

This brings us to the key in any professional relationship, you MUST communicate with each other to succeed. At NSE Media we take the time to make sure we are a good fit for every prospective client. While there are many factors to consider when qualifying a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, the most important is the willingness to communicate beyond the “wish list”.

Successful clients find the time to communicate at least once every month after the website is live.

Consistently Turning Out Quality Work

Another advantage that we offer to our clients is a consistent quality of work. At NSE Media we don’t need to meet a big quota that demands we stay within a very strict hourly budget for every project but that doesn’t mean we aren’t mindful of our timelines either. The point is we take the time to produce truly one of a kind web designs along with very well executed SEO and marketing strategies. Because this is true it’s very likely you’ll be put on a waiting list during our busy season so we advise you contact us before December.

Here’s some of what we’d like you to take away from why “we do more”:

  • A smaller business model by design
  • Our intimate team is always on the same page
  • We don’t need to count hours as much as the “big guys”
  • Every project is a reflection of our character

You won’t find a plastic surgery marketing company that is willing to admit they’ve outgrown their boots but wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear! At NSE Media we hear from many clients who come to us from fairly reputable peers of ours but their number one complaint is they don’t feel like a priority and it shows in the work. It’s our pledge to every plastic surgeon, dermatologist or cosmetic dentist – NSE Media will deliver as advertised and be the responsive partner you’re looking for.

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